First Aid Fundamentals  

An interactive program supports users to define first aid, provide actions to follow in critical situations including immediate support, engaging with emergency services.


  • Have confidence when speaking to emergency services operators
  • Learn the skills and confidence to save a life
  • Learn first aid techniques to maintain the unconscious person's airways
  • Get an introduction to basic wound care and controlling severe bleeding

Target Audience

This course is for anyone seeking to learn life-saving first aid skills, and gain the confidence to provide first aid in an emergency situation
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Learn basic life support techniques
  • Learn how to provide first aid for the unconscious person
  • Learn how to provide first aid for severe bleeding
  • Learn the recovery position


  • Contacting emergency services
  • Basic Life Support (including CPR and defibrillation)
  • Saving Lives
  • The recovery position
  • Bleeding and minor injuries

Learning Methods

This is a non-accredited online short course and you will need to allow 20 - 30 minutes.


Name Cost  
First Aid Fundamentals $60.00

Please note: Students will not be able to commence the course until the selected start date. Once enrolled students have 30 days to complete the course