Pet First Aid


Pet First Aid is an Australian veterinary-approved short online course. During the course learn essential cat and dog first aid basics and be ready for any emergency.

You’ll learn to understand and check your pet’s vital signs and care for the most critical emergency situations including wounds, seizures, bleeding, poisoning and choking in addition to understanding how to prepare, recognise and respond to critical emergencies.

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  • Take preventative care to keep your pet healthy
  • Learn preventative care for your cats and dogs
  • Be prepared for the most common pet emergencies
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Target Audience

Pet owners and people who care for cats and dogs

Course Contents

  • Learn how to check your pet’s vital signs
  • Respond to critical emergencies, like:
    • ​Wounds and bleeding
    • Seizures
    • Poisoning
    • Heat exposure
  • Preventative care, health, and wellbeing

Note: The ‘Pet emergency’ module of the course includes what is considered to be (by engaged industry experts) as the most relevant and important actions to take before, during and after a critical situation. This includes creating safe environments , creating emergency plans and recognising critical situations, all of which are included within the program. As there is no emergency transport infrastructure for animals (similar to ambulance service for humans) pet CPR is not included within this course.

Learning Methods

  • This is self-paced online learning. There are no formal assessments for this course
  • Complete online in 30-60 minutes


Name Cost  
Pet First Aid $60.00