Driver First Aid  

Learn basic first aid skills to respond to persons involved in a road traffic collision. The course is self-paced online learning.


Young drivers aged under 26 years make up only about 14% of all license holders but are overrepresented in annual road fatalities.  Driver first aid teaches the skills to respond to persons involved in a road traffic collision.  You'll learn about basic steps to be prepared in the event of a road emergency, considerations for responding to a road accident, the fundamental actions to take to provide first aid, bleeding and trauma, and self-care after the event.  
Learn how to be prepared and look after yourself and other road users by signing up to our online course today.


  • Be first aid prepared before you hit the road by equipping yourself with skills to respond to accidents or medical emergencies
  • Contribute emergency response times by knowing how to administer first aid effectively, reducing the time it takes to provide critical assistance to those in need
  • First aid training enhances drivers' awareness of potential risks and hazards on the road
  • Gain confidence to take action when faced with emergencies
  • Help your community by knowing how to offer assistance during accidents or medical emergencies, potentially saving lives


  • Preparing to drive - learn the basic steps to ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency
  • Understanding the role of a first aider - considerations when responding to a road accident
  • Basic Life Support - learn about the fundamental actions to take in all first aid situations
  • Bleeding and trauma - respond to a basic range of trauma that can occur during a motor vehicle accident
  • Self-care after the event - a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic, learn how to take care of yourself after the event.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for learner drivers, experienced motorists, or any other road users who are interested in improving their knowledge of first aid.

Learning Methods

  • This is self-paced online learning. There are no formal assessments for this course.
  • Complete online in 30-60 minutes

System Requirements

This is an internet-based learning course.  For the best experience, we recommend:
  • Performing any available software updates on your device or computer before launching
  • Use a supported internet browser (generally, latest versions of Safari, Chrome or Edge will work)
  • Use a stable internet connection
  • Avoid switching devices once you have started
  • If you need to take a break, log out and close your internet browser to enforce your progress to communicate back to our system.


Name Cost  
Driver First Aid $50.00

Please note: Students will not be able to commence the course until the selected start date. Once enrolled students have 30 days to complete the course